When you have your money and finances in order, doing business can be so much more fun.

You started your business with passion. You have big dreams and ambitions. But once on the road, you started to worry about money. How do I get through the month? Do I have enough to go on holiday with my kids? Should I knock on my partner’s door again or maybe I should just look for a job? Can I ever retire?

If this sounds familiar, you’ve come to the right place.

Money worries
can overshadow

Passion and purpose are important, just as important as making money. Finance and money play an essential role in thoroughly enjoying entrepreneurship. A solid financial basis is critical to the viability of your company. Without profit, you don’t have a business.

Think about the difference you can make and how many more people you can help with an abundance of money.

Entrepreneurship without

You want to be able to run your business but not at the expense of time with your family.

Or maybe you are struggling with all the day-to-day activities in your company, while you are also looking for more customers and more profit. However, a day only has 24 hours: you cannot do everything at once.

Where do you start? How do you keep all those balls in the air?

Profit from integrated

As an entrepreneur, private and business are always mixed up. After all, you are your company. When you take the step to get a hold of your finances, it means

  • building good money habits,
  • understanding the critical components of successful money management,
  • building strategies for your business, and
  • applying a model to ensure that you stay on track to use this in your company.

Together we will gradually build your financial plan for carefree entrepreneurship.

You won’t be doing this alone: ​​I am here for you to provide that extra support and accountability so that you achieve your goals. Don’t worry; I’m not going to turn you into an accountant! And I certainly don’t use complicated terms (my children test everything.) But you must understand how and where you are financially to set up a workable plan that benefits you!

W.I.N.S.T. a roadmap for financially worry-free business in
90 days

Winst is Dutch for profit. Curiously the initials have the same meaning in English!

WINSTmodel takes you from lack of insight and the confusion of not knowing what to do to feel reassured and in total control of the situation, with a plan tailored to achieve your financial business goals.

Go from wondering where the money will come to financial worry-free entrepreneurship in three steps:

To be financially worry-free, I pursue the following:

Wish. Have clarity on your wishes and dreams. Money is only a means to help you realize your dreams and desires. It is the dot on the horizon where you want to go. So the first step is to clarify what your wishes and dreams are. “Money is a medium of exchange that helps you realize your dream life”.

Insight. Now that you have a goal and direction, we need to map out the right route, for which you also need to know your starting point. Insight into your current financial situation will ensure that we can map out the right way together to help you get where you want to be. We are now doing a deep dive in your figures, how financially healthy is your company today?

Navigation. You know where you want to go, and you know what your starting point is. You can now roll out your action plan. Step by step, you navigate to your goal. And I’m here to make sure you don’t get lost😊.

Strategy. Only by taking action do you will find out what works and what doesn’t. Along the way, we determine the right strategy for you. One that you can apply for the rest of your life.

Transformation. At the end of these 90 days, your relationship with money has transformed into a healthy, powerful relationship. You have a strong foundation, one on which you can build further. You have self-reliance and insight into your financial future. You are proud and full of joy and confidence towards your financially secure future. You also have a model that you can apply in all kinds of areas of your company and your life.

Are you ready to live the life you’ve always dreamed of? Do you want to be able to do business with pleasure without worrying about your finances? Do you want to work on the profitability of your company?

I was behind with my financial administration, both business and private. After significant changes in my life that also had an impact on my financial situation, I could no longer see the forest for the trees.

Sandra’s approach and her W.I.N.S.T. model gave me an overview of where I stood, where I wanted to go and what steps I could take to get there. It is also clear to me what it takes to finance my future. Our partnership has quickly brought me to a point where I am back on track with my finances.

Saskia van de Riet

Together we’ll build a financial plan that is workable and feasible for you.

What your future looks like is determined by the choices you make NOW.

Which choice will you make today?


I know what it is like to have financial worries, sleepless nights and to be dependent on a partner. At the same time, I also know what it is like to do business without problems and to be entirely financially independent. I have walked both paths. I have learned from both, and I am happy to share those lessons with you. Also, I have a Masters in Finance & Accounting; I am Profit First certified, and I advise various large companies in the field of Finance & Accounting.

I was looking for support to step up my game when it came to my finances and safeguarding my golden years. As an ex-pat entrepreneur in The Netherlands, I appreciated Sandra’s international experience and her ability to bridge the differences between what I was used to and my new reality. If you want to improve your relationship with money and better understand how money works, Sandra is the answer.

Betty Huerta

When I met Sandra I had come a long way on my own but I had reached a plateau and was feeling exhausted. Within a few months of working together, I was already charging sustainable fees for my services and attracting clients who were more on my wavelength. Sandra helped me see my own value and helped me come up with a better business model that suited my personality and goals

Ipek Kotan

I am a personal trainer and wanted to take my business to a professional level. Sandra gave me insights and tools from the start! She helped me get an overview of my finances and how to set up my business in a more (financially) stable way.  I now dare to think big and feel the self-confidence to continue growing my business!

Eline Koppens

Serious about taking action? Schedule a complimentary strategy session now! I’ll review your current situation and provide you with feedback so you can take your finances to the next level. Even if you decide W.I.N.S.T. isn’t a good fit for you, you’ll still receive value from the call.

Take your  first step to financial security & peace.