The one habit to improve the inflow of money

Henry Ford summed it up wisely “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way, you’re right.”

The power of what you tell yourself is huge. It simply becomes your truth. I am sure it is not the first time you see or hear this quote. When it comes to money there is another sentence we often tell ourselves which blocks any inflow of money:

“I cannot afford it.”

The frequency with which you say this when you want something is also indicative of your money thermostat.

The funny thing is that when our children say to us, they can’t do something, we instinctively try to convince them otherwise “of course you can tie your shoes honey, let me show you or help you out”. However, when it comes to ourselves we shut the door and say “of course you can’t get honey, you will never learn to tie your shoes.”

There were many times when I used to say those words and felt terrible about it. Because by saying them just shuts down all the doors to any other possibilities. You state it as a fact, and your mind accepts it as a fact and case closed. You-can-not-afford-it. Period.

But there are ways to trick your brain towards a more positive outcome.Our minds have been created to produce creative ideas. When asking yourself a question, your mind can’t but think of ways to answer it.The trick lies in turning a negative statement into a question. When you change the “I can’t afford if” words to HOW can I afford it? Your mind enters in a creative mode and starts to pour out ideas. Time to leverage on that (super)power

If you want to make this even more powerful, ask a friend to help you out come up with ideas.

Every time you catch yourself saying the words “I can’t afford it” immediately change them to “How can I afford this” and let your mind do what is does best. It may not come easy at first, but this is like training for a marathon: we must constantly train until we can run and sprint without ending up exhausted. Once you can change those words, back them up with the commitment to choose one of those ideas that came up and carry it out. Because, believe me, you can be (and afford) anything you want to!

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