Get direction, overview and control of the finances of your business with the Make, Manage, Multiply money program

6 months program – online academy – live group coaching – personal coaching – two live training days

Passion and purpose are absolutely important. Just as important as making money. To fully enjoy entrepreneurship, finances and money play an important role. A good financial foundation is essential to the viability of your business. Without revenue, you have no business.

Money concerns can overshadow your passion

Think about what difference you can make and how many more people you can help with an abundance of money.

You want to be able to run your business well but never at the expense of time with your family. Or maybe you are struggling with all the day-to-day operations of your business while also looking for more clients and more sales. However, a day has only 24 hours: you can’t do everything at once and where to start? How do you keep all those balls in the air?

Would you like to finally experience what it is like to be financially carefree in business?

Be the worry free entrepreneur

Follow my Make, Manage, Multiply money program


Money is like oxygen for your business. If there is little oxygen, we get stuffy and with no oxygen at all we die. We work on your money mindset and look at your revenue model.


Following the Profit First method, we will calculate percentages that are going to help you allocate your money properly so that there is enough to pay yourself a salary, to save for investments and for taxes.


We get to work to make money work for you. How can you invest and so you get passive income? We will use the Cashflow game here.

As an entrepreneur, private and business are always mixed up. After all, you are your company. When you take the step to get a hold of your finances, it means

  • building good money habits,
  • understanding the critical components of successful money management,
  • building strategies for your business, and
  • applying a model to ensure that you stay on track to use this in your company.

Together we will gradually build your financial plan for carefree entrepreneurship.

40 online lessons

You get access to the online learning environment with 40 online lessons. In your own time, at your convenience, you'll get to work on the Make, Manage, Multiply program.

Coaching calls

Every two weeks there are group calls. In the coaching calls, we address your questions, check your progress and learn from each other. These calls help you to implement.

LIVE training days

There are 2 live training days from 9:00-17:00. During the first one you will work on your profit-making plan. During the second we will play the Cashflow game where we will teach you to multiply your money.

Coaching and accountability

You won’t be doing this alone!

I am here for you to provide that extra support and accountability so that you achieve your goals.

Don’t worry; I’m not going to turn you into an accountant! And I certainly don’t use complicated terms (my children test everything).

But you must understand how and where you are financially to set up a workable plan that benefits you!

How does the MMM program benefit you?

Your investment

€3997,- ex. 21% VAT

Return on Investment calculation

Suppose you are a trainer or coach. For a program or a training day that you sell, you easily charge €1500,-. Usually you have a high margin, let’s say about 80% (€1200,- per sale).

In this situation, with 4 sales of €1500, – you have earned back your investment. Your profit is then already €4800,-.

Book your Financial Direction call and join us!

If you are serious about getting started, schedule a free Financial Direction call now! I will review your current situation and provide you with feedback so you can take your first actions.

Even if you decide not to participate, you will still receive valuable information that you can work with.



I was behind with my financial records, both business and personal, and after major changes in my life that also impacted my financial situation, I couldn't see the forest for the trees. Sandra's approach gave me an overview of where I stood, where I wanted to go and what steps I could take to get there. It also made it clear to me what it would take to finance my future. Our collaboration has quickly brought me to a point where I am back at my own financial wheel.
I am a personal trainer and wanted to take my business to a professional level. Sandra gave me insights and tools from the beginning! She helped me get an overview of my finances and how to set up my business in a more (financially) stable way. I now dare to think big and feel the confidence to grow my business further!
I was looking for support to learn to better manage my finances and to secure my retirement. As an ex-pat entrepreneur in the Netherlands, I appreciated Sandra's international experience and her ability to bridge the differences between what I was used to and my new reality. If you want to improve your relationship with money and better understand how money works, Sandra is the answer.
The first time I read about Profit First, I have to admit I was skeptical: "How can dividing my money differently change my income?". I was shocked when, after 6 months of using Profit First, I saw how much money I had in my savings account, how relaxed I was about the income tax return, and how confident I was about my business. Thank you, Sandra, for smartly guiding me on how to use Profit First and integrating it into my company's finances. I look forward to a promising future with Profit First!
When I met Sandra, I had come a long way on my own, but I had reached a plateau and felt exhausted. Within a few months of working with Sandra, I was able to change my rates to more sustainable rates and began attracting clients who were more on my wavelength. Sandra helped me see my own value and helped me figure out a better business model that fit my personality and goals.
Sandra consults you\ and lets you see exactly what you need to achieve your goals. She wants you to act so you produce real results. She is also very versatile and not just skilled finance but also marketing and communication. What makes her so special is that she remains human and sees the person behind the numbers and is she is definitely not a cool financial lady. Even after our journey I often think back to her good advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Make, Manage Multiply program is for entrepreneurs who have at least 3 years of experience and have active clients for their business. You are committed to working on your business.

The program is not suitable for you if you are a starter, have no active clients or are still 100% employed.

Your time investment for this program is approximately 4 hours per week.

No, the program includes online classes, but in addition we also have group coaching sessions every two weeks and you can schedule 4x 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me.

All group coaching sessions last one hour.

During the program you can always text or email me with questions. You can schedule 4 x 1-on-1 45-minute sessions with me.

Yes definitely. You can schedule a Financial Direction call here.

You can join the program on the first of the month.

The live training days are in Hoofddorp on these dates….

Yes sure. You can pay in 4 installments of €750,- (ex. 21% VAT).


Because of the very personal nature of this program, there are no guarantees about your results or outcomes.
However, I am confident that if you show up for each call, prepare for the assignments and are 100% honest – with yourself and with me – that you absolutely CAN achieve the goals and dreams you have outlined!

Certified Profit First professional

Since 2020, I have been a certified Profit First Professional on the Mastery Level. The Profit First method turns the traditional way of cash management on its head. Instead of equating revenue minus expenses with profit, profit is given a central role: revenue minus profit = expenses.