Stop surviving financially and start thriving you will have more time, money and freedom and can do business according to your own rules.

You started your business with a lot of passion. You have big dreams and ambitions. You work incredibly hard, but don’t see this reflected in your bank account. Down the road, you began to worry about money. 

You feel restless and insecure because:

In addition, you sometimes feel a sense of guilt toward your partner for not being able to contribute (enough).

You used to be so enthusiastic and full of ideas, you knew your business could change the world, but now it’s just so hard.

You wonder, is a profitable business still possible for me?

I know better than anyone what it's like to have to worry about money and not be able to do the things I care about....

Especially when my children were born, my desire became even greater to spend more time with my family instead of just working hard to make more money.

Seeing them grow up and enjoying time with my children was more important to me. I got caught up between my desire and my reality.

I got deep into financial trouble and at one point, I also had to watch as my car was repossessed. And more repossessions would follow if things didn’t change.

I was pregnant and could not work. I became completely financially dependent on my partner, it felt like total failure, and I didn’t know at the time how I would ever get out of that low point.

I can honestly say now that this low point was my salvation.

How could it happen to me? I was advising large companies on finance, I had taken all the studies in accounting and money matters and yet this happened. That period made me realize that financial problems have nothing to do with knowledge and skill, but that my behavior, emotions and thoughts play a very important role.

In the years that followed, I delved further into the “soft” side of finance and money matters (mindset, behavior, emotions). A few years later, I was back in full control of my finances. I am no longer financially dependent on my partner, I work because I enjoy it and earn more in less time which means I now have much more time to enjoy and be with my kids.

My name is Sandra Boekhoudt

With a last name like that (in Dutch “Boekhoudt” means “bookkeeper”), my choice of career was pretty easy and fortunately I liked (and still like) numbers a lot. At 18, I moved from Aruba to the Netherlands. I studied in Groningen and did my Bachelors in International Finance and Accounting. In 2011 I did my Masters in Finance & Control at Nyenrode Business University and now I am also a certified Profit First Professional.

I have been living in the Netherlands longer than I ever lived on my island of birth Aruba. I always say that I am a tropical Dutchwoman with two places where I feel at home: on Aruba with my parents and friends and here in the Netherlands with my family and friends.


When you have control over your money and finances, doing business becomes so much more enjoyable.

Are you "Money Smart"?

Everyone is dealing with money in a different way.

Have you ever wondered why you make certain money choices that are not in your best interest?

Answer 10 short and fun questions and find out what kind of money person you are and receive personal tips and tricks to get the most out of your money.

As a child, I always wanted to be a teacher. I loved passing on knowledge.

Because that desire has never left me and I find it very important to share knowledge, I founded Wealthy Wise Women in 2015: a place where you not only get inspiration but also receive useful and practical tools to take control of your finances and put an end to your money worries.
So that you can enjoy being a financially carefree entrepreneur.
financiële onafhankelijkheid

During my training and coaching I have met many entrepreneurs who started their business with a lot of enthusiasm and passion, only to quit after a few years due to money worries, exhaustion and insecurity and started looking for a job.

I think that is a shame.


It really can be different

It is 100% possible to thrive in your business and in your life. All you need are a few simple changes and strategies. By learning realistic, customized strategies to get your finances in order, you will finally be able to relax about your future.

Follow my Make, Manage, Multiply program


Money is like oxygen for your business. If there is little oxygen, we get stuffy and with no oxygen at all we die. We work on your money mindset and look at your revenue model.


Following the Profit First method, we will calculate percentages that are going to help you allocate your money properly so that there is enough to pay yourself a salary, to save for investments and for taxes.


We get to work to make money work for you. How can you invest and so you get passive income? We will use the Cashflow game here.

40 online lessons

You get access to the online learning environment with 40 online lessons. In your own time, at your convenience, you'll get to work on the Make, Manage, Multiply program.

Coaching calls

Every two weeks there are group calls. In the coaching calls, we address your questions, check your progress and learn from each other. These calls help you to implement.

LIVE training days

There are 2 live training days from 9:00-17:00. During the first one you will work on your profit-making plan. During the second we will play the Cashflow game where we will teach you to multiply your money.

How does the MMM program benefit you?


I am a personal trainer and wanted to take my business to a professional level. Sandra gave me insights and tools from the beginning! She helped me get an overview of my finances and how to set up my business in a more (financially) stable way. I now dare to think big and feel the confidence to grow my business further!
I was looking for support to learn to better manage my money and to secure my golden years/retirement. As an ex-pat entrepreneur in the Netherlands, I appreciated Sandra's international experience and her ability to bridge the differences between what I was used to and my new reality. If you want to improve your relationship with money and better understand how money works, Sandra is the answer.
When I met Sandra, I had come a long way on my own, but I had reached a plateau and felt exhausted. Within a few months of working with Sandra, I was able to change my rates to more sustainable rates and began attracting clients who were more on my wavelength. Sandra helped me see my own value and helped me figure out a better business model that fit my personality and goals.

Certified Profit First professional

Since 2020, I have been a certified Profit First Professional on the Mastery Level. The Profit First method turns the traditional way of cash management on its head. Instead of equating revenue minus expenses with profit, profit is given a central role: revenue minus profit = expenses.

Video testimonial Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First