How becoming a mom saved my business and my finances

When I got pregnant with my firstborn Nyah, the first thing I did was quick research to find out how much extra costs would this bundle of joy bring with it. Don’t get me wrong. I was thrilled by the idea of motherhood and welcoming my baby to this world. But being a finance expert, […]

The one habit to improve the inflow of money

Henry Ford summed it up wisely “Whether you think you can or you can’t, either way, you’re right.” The power of what you tell yourself is huge. It simply becomes your truth. I am sure it is not the first time you see or hear this quote. When it comes to money there is another […]

Where to start when you want to save hours of time

In a recent blog I where wrote about how outsourcing helped me improve my business I received a question from a reader asking me what were the things that I had outsourced. My initial reaction was to reply to her by sharing my list of outsourced chores. Immediately I realized that that was MY list, based on […]

Are you being penny wise pound foolish?

One of the greatest lessons I learned from working for large organizations is how to multiply money or, better said, how to use the money to create more money and wealth. Large organisations didn’t just become large overnight; it took them years of hard and smart work. They had a clear vision of where they […]

Set yourself up for true and lasting wealth

Many of our money related issues stem from the fact that we do not understand it.  These troubles come from unhealthy attitudes, habits and believes, combined with the demands of our society. Add to that how emotionally loaded the money topic can be and you realize why we are so ill prepared to build true […]

Successful Entrepreneur Moms: Mirjam Sariman

Mirjam Sariman is a successful mother and entrepreneur who in 2014 quit her job and together with her husband and two kids moved back to her birthplace Axel (Zeeland) to start a new family company. The business, a fitness club, had an incredible growth right from the begining. During this interview in Axel, Mirjam opened […]

My love-hate relationship with money and how I got over it

I’ve been receiving questions from several readers asking about how to move to money savvy land when the situation is dire, why is that the relationship with money is so complicated and how to get over it. In this post I share how I learned to become money savvy and the hurdles that prompted that […]