When you get, give

When you learn, teach

My name is

Sandra Boekhoudt

(bookkeeper in Dutch). With such a last name, my career choice was quite easy 😊, and luckily  I like numbers. When I was 18, I moved from Aruba to the Netherlands. I studied in Groningen and got my bachelors in International Finance and Accounting. In 2011 I obtained my Masters in Finance & Control at Nyenrode Business University and I am now also a certified Profit First Professional. I currently live longer in the Netherlands than I have ever lived on my native island of Aruba. I always say that I am a tropical Dutch with two places where I feel at home: in Aruba with my parents and friends and here in the Netherlands with my family and friends.

As a child, I always wanted to be a teacher. I liked to transfer knowledge. Because that wish has never left me, and I think it is crucial to share knowledge, I founded Wealthy Wise Women in 2015: a place where you get inspiration, find useful and practical tools to organize your money matters and end your financial worries so that you can enjoy problem-free entrepreneurship.


During my training and coaching sessions I met several entrepreneurs who started their company with a lot of enthusiasm and passion and after a few years, feeling exhausted and insecure, they stopped doing business and started to look for a job, because of the money worries. I think that’s a pity.

I firmly believe that when you have your money and finances in order, doing business can be so much more fun. It gives you peace, security and joy. I believe that money should never be a goal, but I see money as a beautiful way to help you to reach more people, be able to do and experience more fun things with those who are important to you. In short, to enjoy life more.

I can now honestly say that reaching the lowest point has been my salvation.

How could it happen to me? I advised large companies on finance, I had followed all studies in finance and money matters, and yet this happened. That period made me well aware that financial problems have nothing to do with knowledge and skills, but that my behaviour, emotions and thoughts play a significant role.

In the years that followed, I studied the “soft” side of finance and money matters (mindset, behaviour, emotions). A few years later, I was back in full control of my finances. I am no longer financially dependent on my partner; I work because I like it and earn more in less time, so I now have much more time to enjoy and with my kids.

I have been able to convert these experiences, my knowledge in the field of finance and money, into a practical, simple and fun model: W.I.N.S.T.This stands for Wish Insight Navigation Strategy Transformation. This is not a one-off system, but a model that you can apply to all areas of your finances.

It is my passion and mission to help and support as many female entrepreneurs as possible in their path to financial security, peace and insight. To be able to do business worry-free and to enjoy the things they think are essential with the people who are important to them.

Life is too short to worry unnecessarily about money—no need for all those sleepless nights and new grey hair 😊.

Walk the talk

Your future is determined by the choices you make. Which choices are you making today?