Do you long for financial overview and security?

Do you want to know with no doubt where you stand financially?

Do you want to know how you can make (more) a profit with your company?

Do you want to build your pension in a secure way

Do you want to pay for your children’s studies?

Or maybe take that vacation you have been longing for?

Money is an exchange medium that makes it possible to realize your dreams and wishes.

I have made many financial plans and budgets for small and large companies. They all had one thing in common: they were all different. That’s why I believe in tailor-made plans. Together we will create a practical and feasible financial step-by-step plan that adapts to you and not the other way around.

A step-by-step plan in which YOU are central means:

A plan in which you recognize yourself, and it makes you happy.

A plan where your dreams and wishes come together.

A plan that motivates, inspires and helps you to render your goals, wishes and dreams a reality.

where YOU stand central

Why making it difficult when together is better? – Loesje.


I know how frustrating it is to worry about money and having no idea where to start!  

We will go step by step. You can count on my undivided attention and commitment. That is also the only way I work: from connection and involvement, both in small groups and in my 1: 1 course. I am here for you!

Hi, I am Sandra

I know what it is like to have financial worries, sleepless nights and to be dependent on a partner. At the same time, I also know what it is like to do business without problems and to be entirely financially independent. I have walked both paths. I have learned from both, and I am happy to share those lessons with you. Also, I have a Masters in Finance & Accounting; I am Profit First certified, and I advise various large companies in the field of Finance & Accounting.

Gain Insight,


Financial turmoil is mainly caused by insufficient insight, the jargon that is often used, and not knowing where and how to start.

Get insight into your finances and learn how to make money work for you in layman’s terms.

You either learn to manage your money, or the lack of it will always manage you.


W.I.N.S.T stands for Profit in Dutch. Profit is not only about profit in money. It also stands for the benefit you will experience through more peace, security and confidence.

With the W.I.N.S.T model, you go from a lack of insight and uncertainty about your financial future to be reassured and in control of your financial future. No more sleepless nights about your finances, but confidence with a tailor-made financial roadmap to make your dreams and wishes come true [read more]

When I met Sandra I had come a long way on my own but I had reached a plateau and was feeling exhausted. Within a few months of working together, I was already charging sustainable fees for my services and attracting clients who were more on my wavelength. Sandra helped me see my own value and helped me come up with a better business model that suited my personality and goals

Ipek Kotan

I am a personal trainer and wanted to take my business to a professional level. Sandra gave me insights and tools from the start! She helped me get an overview of my finances and how to set up my business in a more (financially) stable way.  I now dare to think big and feel the self-confidence to continue growing my business!

Eline Koppens

I was looking for support to step up my game when it came to my finances and safeguarding my golden years. As an ex-pat entrepreneur in The Netherlands, I appreciated Sandra’s international experience and her ability to bridge the differences between what I was used to and my new reality. If you want to improve your relationship with money and better understand how money works, Sandra is the answer.

Betty Huerta

Your future is determined by the choices you make. Which choices are you making today?

are you money smart

Are you MONEY smart?

Have you ever wondered why you make some choices about money that are not in your best interest? Answer few questions and discover what kind of money personality you are and receive tips & tricks to get your money under control.

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